Dr David Cunnington discusses when should you get help for your sleep problems from your health professional.

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So when should I get help for my sleep problems? So, sleep can really be a barometer for good physical and mental health. So if we feel that we’re sleeping well, it generally means that physical health is good and mental health is good.

If we don’t feel that we’re sleeping well, it can be an indication that there is a problem with our health, either a problem with lifestyle factors – we’re just not as healthy as we should be – a problem with a medical condition or a problem with the mental health or psychiatric condition.

So in general, if we feel that we’re not sleeping well or that we’re more tired than we should expect, the first thing to look at is lifestyle factors and how we’re living our life day to day.

If we can recognise things that we’re not doing well that may be contributing to poor sleep, like too many stimulants, too much coffee, too many energy drinks, being too busy, too late, working too many hours, then we should address those or not getting enough sleep is something we should also address.

Either our nutrition is not good or we’re not managing exercise or keeping ourselves active or keeping ourselves engaged so that that’s good for our mental health. They’re also things to address.

But if we have addressed those lifestyle factors and still feel that we’re not sleeping well, so having trouble getting to sleep, staying asleep or feeling more tired despite getting a reasonable amount of sleep, that’s the time we should be discussing it with our healthcare providers.

It’s important because our healthcare providers know our general health and they may – it may he important to them and they may think it’s a sign that there’s something else developing. So if we are having trouble sleeping, it’s important to discuss it either with your doctor or your healthcare professional.

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