How much sleep do we need? What are some of the factors impacting on sleep?

As a society sleep is often under-valued or not prioritised. But, not getting enough sleep has significant effects and can even lead to depression. One way of looking at how much sleep you are getting and gaining insights in to factors that may be affecting sleep is to measure sleep over time and look at your sleep patterns using an activity tracker. That is what we did in this story that aired on A Current Affair in July 2014. We looked at 3 people’s habits around sleep, then measured their sleep, and used that measurement to give them feedback on things they could do to improve their sleep.

The device we used was the Jawbone UP device which people wore for up to a week. This uploaded data to their smartphone which then allowed us to review the data and evaluate their sleep patterns.

Video timeline:

  • 00:00 – 00:59 Not getting enough sleep and its effects
  • 00:59 – 01:20 Measuring sleep using the Jawbone activity tracker
  • 01:20 – 02:40 Case 1: Blue light and it’s impact on sleep
  • 02:40 – 03:39 Case 2: Making sleep a priority
  • 03:39 – 04:52 Case 3: Sleeping well despite evening exercise and short awakenings
  • 04:52 – 05:20 Getting the mattress right

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