“Sleeping is a function that only a sound mind in a sound body can healthily perform”

The above quote by Tobias Smollett (1721-1771), a Scottish poet and author, really sums up SleepHub’s approach to sleep. We believe that to sleep well requires focusing not just on sleep itself, but taking a broader view and looking at how you live, as well as your physical and mental health.

We feel there are 4 key over-lapping aspects that need to be addressed to sleep your best:

• Wellness
• General Health
• Thinking and behavior around sleep
• Sleep disorders

In our logo we have used an encompassing outer circle to represent the sound mind and sound body that enables healthy sleep. The 4 inner, overlapping circles represent each of the 4 above areas that need to be addressed to achieve a sound mind and body, and through that healthy sleep.

SleepHub logo

SleepHub website

We have structured the SleepHub content in to 4 over-lapping areas that we feel are the key to sleeping well.

Healthy living: Focuses on how we live to optimize our health and wellness.

Understanding sleep: Contains information on how sleep works and how it relates to other aspects of our life and health

Sleep tools and tips: Here is where you’ll find practical tips for better sleep

Sleep disorders: Details and the latest research on specific sleep disorders


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