Getting caught up watching late night tennis?

Late night tennis and sleepAs the Australian Open heads in to it’s second week many people can get caught up watching tennis late in to the night. For people who already have sleep problems, such as being overly tired during the day or trouble sleeping, it can have a real impact. Even for those without sleep problems, too many late nights in a row can affect energy levels, mood and performance.

So if you can’t bear to miss the end of the match and turn off the TV to get some sleep, here are a few tips to help keep your sleep on track:

  • Be selective and pick which late games you really want to watch. It’s not realistic to be able to expect to be up late every night and still be at work ready to go the next morning.
  • If you’re a die hard tennis fan and can’t bear to miss any of the evening sessions, ask the boss if you can start work later than usual this week, or work reduced hours and make them up over coming weeks.
  • Bank up some sleep ahead of time and plan a nap on days off as well as sleeping in whenever you can.
  • Don’t get stressed about lost sleep. Even if you have a few late nights in a row, unless you are already struggling with your sleep, you’ll pretty quickly catch up once the tennis is over.

Most of all, enjoy the tennis and the great sporting events this time of year in Melbourne.

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