Can you visualize your ultimate wellness goal? Make it a reality!

Creating your wellness vision.

Without a clear vision, it’s unlikely that you’ll take the necessary and sometimes difficult steps to achieving your goals. Seeing clearly what you want will help you actually create the change in your life to allow your vision to become a reality. Yet a clear vision is often the one thing missing when people tackle improving their wellness.

Without a vision (or a target if you like) you are shooting in the dark at an end point that is still undefined. How will you know when you’ve achieved your ultimate wellness goal if you don’t know where the end-goal sits?

Life means changing priorities, including for your wellness goals!

Wellness is an ever a changing landscape, however, it’s important to visualise where you want to end up. Once you see where you want to go, you can then review and change your path accordingly.

In your 20’s, you might want to travel the world, however, as you age, setting up a family home for your children may become more important. Thus your vision and end goal shifts in prominence to prioritise new aspirations. Whatever your goals though, your vision must be clear to help you realise it.

Tailor your wellness vision to your specific goals

Your wellness goals shift and change the same way. When you think about your wellness vision, it is best to be very specific and think big. Here are some questions to help you clarify your wellness vision:

A. Follow the this format for each element that you would like to change:

1. I would like (this may include several things)….
2. So that…..
3. What could get in the way?
4. Strategies for overcoming these obstacles might include…..
5. Strengths I can bring to the change I require are…..

Write your vision in your voice and in present tense, so they seem as if they are already happening.

A wellness vision statement might sound something like this:

“I am strong, lean, and 10 kilos lighter, shopping for cute, attractive new clothes for my attractive body. I am happy, with lots of energy to do whatever I feel like doing. My health is better and I am open, more patient, and social. My motivators are feeling and looking great with bountiful energy. I also want to be around a long time for my parents, nieces, and nephews.

When I face challenges, such as getting too busy, discouraged, overwhelmed, or stressed out, I pause, collect myself, and take doable steps to get back on track. Healthy eating, exercise, and handling stress well are important to me and within my grasp. Through on-going, intentional, realistic planning, I achieve my goals and realize my wellness vision.”

Be inspired by these other examples of vision statements

• My wellness vision is that I have healthy eating habits and set a good example for my children.
• My health vision in the next year is to improve my health; in particular I have lower total cholesterol and a lower risk of heart disease.
• My fitness vision in the next 6 months is that I exercise regularly so that I am delaying aging and preserving my ability to function well in my older years
• My wellness vision in the next 6 months is that I have reversed my trend of steady weight gain and I look better, feel younger, and wear stylish clothes.
• My fitness vision is that I am 10 kilos lighter, and I feel youthful, attractive, and will look good in a bathing suit when I’m 40.

(Adapted from ‘Coaching Psychology Manual’ by Margaret Moore & Bob Tschannen – Moran)

Need more information about setting your own wellness goals and vision?

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