Sleep DownUnder 2018 – meeting highlights

Highlights from the Sleep Down Under 2018 meeting in Brisbane. Topics highlighted are narcolepsy, insomnia, sleep health, obstructive sleep apnea and the effects of caffeine on sleep.

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Audio Timeline:

  • 00:00 – 01:30 Caffeine and sleep
  • 01:30 – 03:26 Narcolepsy
  • 03:26 – 06:29 Insomnia
  • 06:29 – 08:39 Sleep health
  • 08:39 – 10:12 Obstructive sleep apnea
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Dr David CunningtonDr David Cunnington is a sleep physician and director of Melbourne Sleep Disorders Centre, and co-founder and contributor to SleepHub. David trained in sleep medicine both in Australia and in the United States, at Harvard Medical School, and is certified as both an International Sleep Medicine Specialist and International Behavioural Sleep Medicine Specialist. David’s clinical practice covers all areas of sleep medicine and he is actively involved in training health professionals in sleep. David is a regular media commentator on sleep, both in traditional media and social media. David’s recent research has been in the area of non-drug, psychologically-based treatments such as cognitive behavioral therapy and mindfulness in managing insomnia, restless legs syndrome and other sleep disorders.

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